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Florida Spacemodeling Association

Recent Photos

Photos from August 13 2011 Launch- Dyer Park, West Palm Beach

Paul Stutzman readies his Estes Comanche for the first flight at the new FSA field.

Rudi loads his classic Centuri Nike-Smoke onto the rack.

"Battery issues" with our multi-cell controller forced us to press the antique box into launch duty. Still works flawlessly after 30+ years!

Russ Joyner with his Payloader & Nuke-1.

Russ's Nuke-1 ready to go!

Rick Boyette's Estes Orbital Transport ready to launch.

Good flight but the glider didn't separate-- a second flight with a shorter delay worked perfectly!

Phil Petty, Ed Bashauer & Phil Bederka - some real old-timers!

Rick Boyette with his 1960's vintage Estes Gemini-Titan.

Removable clear plastic fins are almost invisible!

Twin C6-5's power the Gemini-Titan on a perfect maiden flight.

Bill Daniels' fleet includes water-rocket Space Shuttles. Maybe next time the guy with the plumbing will show up!

Peter Carvajal's wife & kids braved the 95-degree heat, for a little while anyway!

Packing up at the end of a glorious day-- see you next month!