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Florida Spacemodeling Association

Recent Photos

September 2011 Launch

Our first "regular" launch took place on September 24th. Over a dozen fliers and about as many spectators were in attendance, braving the oppresive heat and humidity until a mid-afternoon squall line passed through. We shut down the range for about an hour & then the half-dozen of us that stuck around took advantage of the cooler flying conditions. Altogether we had 35 flights, with a nice mix of single-stage and multi-stage designs, along with free-flight and radio-control gliders.

Thanks to all who attended & we'll see you again in October, when it should be a lot more comfortable outside!

Rudi Haselbauer pulled LCO duty all day. Give that man a medal, or at least a beer!

Peter Carvajal preps his war-weary Mad Cow for another flight.

Paul Stutzman with his IQSY Tomahawk scale model.

Jees, that looks like a frikkin TORNADO!! Let's all stand under the canopy & wait it out...

Your fearless future club officers, "Tootie Fruity Oh" Rudi Haselbauer, Kevin "Thunder" Boldt & Peter "Punkin Eater" Carvajal, unfazed by the approaching storm...

Ed Bashauer prepares to launch his scissor-wing R/C glider.

The stubby-winger glider had a very entertaining, perfect flight!

Rocket Rick Boyette's Hawks Mountain Super Orbital Transport (autographed by STS-1 commander Bob Crippen) gives scale to the original Estes version.

The Super Orbital Transport launches on an Estes E9-4.

Bill Daniels' Estes Phoenix shares the rack with Rick Boyette's Estes Orbital Transport.

Loading up another round...

What would prove to be a fateful rack, ready to go...

Bill "Homer" Daniels had a rough outing, pranging his Estes Phoenix on a D12-5. "D'OHH! Shoulda used a 3-second delay!"

Undaunted, Bill tried his luck with a 2-stage model. Different rocket, same result... Those R/C guys don't know rockets!

Not to be outdone by an R/C retread upstart, veteran rocketeer Jason Bloom went one better, pranging the upper 2 stages of his 3-stage Estes Farside-X clone when the staging failed. Oh well, at least he got it all back! Too ashamed to retrieve his former pride & joy, he sent Pam "Bird Dog" Bloom to fetch it.

Rick Boyette with his Estes Oracle, which has a digital video camera in the nose.